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About Vilmate

Our story began in 2012 in Kharkiv. During the past 9 years, we grew into the 100+employees company with offices both in Kharkiv and in Kyiv. Nevertheless, we are not going to lower our ambitions and relax. Annual 35% company’s growth proves the fact that we take promises quite seriously.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we continued successfully releasing products and services and didn’t lose a single client. On the contrary, we developed brand new projects and engaged more experts to our team.

To reach this result, we came back to our values that we truly believe in:

Personal relationships are the most important
Undoubtedly high quality of the products and services is a must
The value we bring along with the product is higher than our price tag
Personal success and initiative will always be welcomed and appreciated

Case studies

Vilmate has been on the market for almost a decade and during this time we developed software products for prominent Western Europe and US-based companies.

Web Application HelpMed

Since the pandemic started we decided to contribute our knowledge to the world’s battle with the virus. Vilmate team created a HelpMed web application aimed to help doctors to get to the workplace when public transport is banned due to social distancing.

With the help of this app car-owners who volunteered to drive doctors and nurses to the workplace could easily find them like on any taxi app.

CISCO Partnership

One of the most prominent cases is the cooperation with CISCO. We developed an outstanding project for a certain market and built an effective team during the process. US-based tech giants paid attention to our efforts and invited our mates to the mutual project, which is still ongoing!

Join our team and you will definitely add an impressive case to your portfolio!

Advantages of Becoming a Vilmate’s Member

Professional development

  • Huge range of industries we create projects for – HealthTech, Media and Advertisement, FinTech, Marketing, GreenTech, etc.
  • Modern technology stack
  • Working with experienced and highly skilled middle and senior-level specialists
  • Satisfaction with completed projects
  • International company’s employment – optimized work processes and no bureaucracy

We don’t tell our employees the exact way to perform the task. We are open to new ideas and appreciate your initiative to come with new architectural decisions. 

Our core principle: see the professional in every individual and trusts them!

Comfy Workplace

  • Comfortable offices with snack and drinks 
  • A quiet workplace with up-to-date equipment 
  • No time-consuming meetings 
  • No bureaucracy and friendly work environment 
  • Pleasant atmosphere: humor and empathy are valued as much as your professional skills 
  • No overtimes
  • Team buildings and corporate events you don’t want to miss


  • You get a market-competitive salary.
  • You could increase your compensation due to successful projects and achievements.
  • In Vilmate we don’t  take the flexibility of working hours as a joke – your work schedule is 100% negotiable 
  • You can choose either to work from one of our offices (Kharkiv and Kyiv) or work remotely
  • Transparent work processes 
  • Social benefits – 28 calendar days of paid vacation 
  • Paid state holidays and sick leaves

Our team members are

  • professionals who make our expertise stronger;
  • responsible mates, who are in love with their occupation and keep the quality bar up to the ceiling;
  • experts who conquer any challenge: even the most unusual and complex ones.

We believe that every obstacle during the working process is an opportunity to grow professionally. Moreover, it is intriguing!

Feedback from our employees

I have been working for a little less than a month as a QA engineer. The office, the atmosphere, the team, the project, the hiring process - everything is just great. I am very glad to be a part of the company, and I do not regret that I came here at all. Without a doubt, I can recommend the company as worthy of attention and a worthy employer. Such a company is very rare nowadays. The greatest thanks from the bottom of my heart to all those involved for the fact that I work and develop here. :)
Vadym Gerasimov
QA Engineer
I have been working at Vilmate for about a year and I can safely recommend this company. Understanding management, a cheerful and friendly team of professionals, a decent level of compensation, interesting projects, and constant development. Also, unforgettable corporate parties are arranged here. Very adequate management and lack of bureaucracy.
Evheniy Ganusiak
Web Developer
Great company, good people, great working environment. The project in which I participate gives me the opportunity to master new technologies and libraries. My team is strong professionals with a great sense of humor, attentive and responsive. With each day of work, the desire to stay at Vilmate only grows stronger.
Volodymyr Markov
Junior Front-End Developer
I am infinitely glad that I got to Vilmate and I want to express my gratitude in this review. Professional team, which, despite the number of employees, managed to avoid bureaucracy and maintain a friendly atmosphere. Adequate management automatically attracts competent and interesting customers who become part of the team on an equal footing with everyone.   "Flexible working hours" finally ceased to be just a phrase and grew into very convenient time management, but in conjunction with a convenient location - a killer combo for those who value their time.  The team is wonderful and versatile, easily accepts newcomers, and contributes to development. Colleagues quickly become comrades and friends.
Misha Parkhomenko
Front-end developer
I have never regretted that I got to Vilmate.  The company is great, the territorial location of the office is 10/10.  Excellent atmosphere in the office, lack of vertical communication, and openness to initiatives.
Andrey Lapko
.NET developer
I have been working for a year and a half. The company has everything you need: very adequate management, a bunch of interesting projects in all the most popular languages ​​and frameworks, a friendly team, all colleagues are professionals and there is always room to grow. Bureaucracy is really minimal, and the management adheres to the principle “How else could we help our developers?”, Which makes the team very productive. An honest and open relationship with customers makes life easier too. In general, Vilmate is growing by leaps and bounds and the prospects for the company and its employees are very good.
Vitaliy Duvalko
Front-end Developer
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